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Tim Liszt is an expert at web design and implementation and I’ve enjoyed working with him on several projects this past year including a member site for a fellow artist, and the Village Gallery of Arts website. He’s a take-charge person who presents creative ideas and communicates the benefits to his clients. Through his ArtistLiszt website, Tim has created an affordable and innovative way for artists to showcase their work on the web. I highly recommend him to any artist who is ready for a web-presence.

— Liz Walker, artist


A good friend and fellow artist introduced me to a web designer named Tim Liszt. I’m a painter and hate sitting at my computer. Tim designed and built me a great gallery website keeping the design simple and focusing on my art. Tim completed the task within a few weeks and the cost was minimal. The response to my new website has been phenomenal, leaving me time to be a happy painter. Thanks Tim for all your help...you’re the man!

— Denny Lumsden, artist


Convenient forms are available to submit the descriptive information for your artwork.

Membership Gives You Many Services

Read about membership, our full range of services, and how we work with you to create an online web space.

You can see a sample gallery here, and there are two styles of galleries to choose from:

  • gallery style 1  — a simpler interface that shows thumbnails of all your artwork right up front. This works well for those artists who do not need to have their artwork grouped by medium (i.e. you work in a single medium such as watercolor)

  • gallery style 2  — this style offers more features, and works well for artists who would like to have their art displayed in groups based on style or medium (i.e. ceramics, glasswork, etc.)

If instead of being a part of ArtistLiszt.com, you would like to have your own unique website, we can design that for you too. Here are several complete artist websites we’ve created:

Providing Photos of your Artwork

What matters is quality!

We don’t need the kind of resolution required for printing, and fortunately what’s needed for the web is much more forgiving. But still, the better the image source, the more flexibility to provide the best images (large and thumbnail sizes) in the gallery.

Ideally we require:

  • images that are approx. 600 pixels or larger (8")
  • 72 dpi
  • RGB (not CMYK)

Images should have good exposure, and have *not* been photographed under glass (to avoid reflection).

They should have been photographed *without* parallax (distorted perspective), so the image should have been shot 'straight on' without angels. These requirements will provide the best results.

If you have your artwork available on 35-mm color slides, I can use a quality slide scanner to digitize your images for you. I can do this at a charge of $2 per slide which is a good price compared to what others charge (typically $60/hour to scan 10 slides).

A professional photographer can provide the best results in shooting artwork, and I know there are many quality photographers providing these services in your local community. However, with a little effort an amateur photographer with a reasonable camera with good resolution (megapixels) can take good photos. I have an 8 megapixel Canon camera which works great. Some folks have older digital cameras with lower resolution (3 megapixels or less), and this is more of a challenge.

Providing Descriptive Information for Each Image

Each image displayed in the gallery includes a descriptive caption below the image giving details on the art (size, medium used, price, whether it’s framed or matted, etc.)

Convenient forms are available to submit the descriptive information for your artwork.