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Our Approach


Why We’re Here...

Artists these days want and truly need to have an online presence to showcase their artwork with a useful and attractive presentation. They also need an easy way to be contacted about art for sale, and to talk about commissioned work.

ArtistLiszt.com helps artists keep in touch with past customers and connect with future collectors. Artists can provide information about upcoming shows and exhibits, and share their views on what’s going on in their local arts community. They may also want to recommend local classes and workshops, and share their reaction to interesting art installations, exhibits and galleries.

We do not provide gallery wall space, but something that is close to it and even better. Each artist has an interactive gallery where site visitors can view art from the comfort of their own home. Artists need not deal with the costs, details and technical challenges of maintaining their own website allowing them more time to do what they do best...create art.

Our goal is to provide a rich selection of services available at an affordable price. We believe we have accomplished this through ArtistLiszt.com, and we’ll be expanding with additional services in the future. Soon we will have a convenient way to help artists organize and inventory details of their work, as well as track exhibits, shows and customers in an easy-to-use, secure custom online database.

We sincerely hope you enjoy showing your work to others, as well as discovering new art on our site.


Tim A. Liszt

Tim Liszt
founder of ArtistLiszt.com